We have specialist recruitment software to search quickly and accurately for candidates with the skills and qualities you are looking for, and our recruitment consultants receive on-going training to ensure they are skilled in assessing and selecting the right people. With the high costs of advertising and shortage of good skilled staff, it can save both time and money to use MMT International for all your staff recruitment needs.



Some of the vacancies that are frequent for office staff are :



Ø Secretary

Ø Receptionist

Ø Clerks

Ø Computer Operator

Ø Manager

Ø Administration/HR/Sales

Ø Executive Assistant

Ø Office Manager

Ø Audio Secretary

Ø Senior Administrator

Ø Office Support Assistant

Ø Word Processing Operator

Ø Junior Secretary

Ø Research Administrator

Ø Contract Administrator

Ø Accounts Clerk

Ø Human Resource Administrator

Ø Engineers

Ø IT Professional

Ø Sales Executive

Ø Production Managers

Ø HR Executive

Ø Air ticketing Executive

Ø Tele Callers

Ø Office Boy

Ø Database Administrator

Ø Typist

Ø Payroll Assistant

Ø Personal Assistant

Ø Accountants

Ø Facilities Manager

Ø Purchase Officer

Ø DTP Operator

Ø Front Office Executive

Ø Data Entry Clerk

Ø Customer Support Executive