Whether recruitment is mass or single position, last minute or pre-planned, our Specialist consultants are trained to provide you with expert assistance.  Every request will received our full attention and we will liaise closely with you to agree the right course of action we are following the best industry practice to increase efficiency in hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment and selection process.

  • We regularly update our rich database. This forms the major source for the CVs.
  • We have rich experience in handling international recruitment. We are aware of the types of candidates that are suitable for different roles outside.
  • At MMT International, we perform an all-round service for the international placement requirement. Our job starts from the sourcing of the CVs till the joining of the candidates.
  • We can relieve all your worries about the formalities that have to be fulfilled by the candidates for an overseas recruitment. We guide the candidates at every step. At MMT International, we have the tie-ups with relevant agencies that can help them out with all activities such as visa requirements, travel and accommodation.
  • We perform the preliminary activities for the interview process. We do the initial stages of the interview. When you get the candidates, you get the best of the lot.
  • We help you in all the stages of the recruitment just as an extended arm of your HR Department.